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What is the Undivided Center?

The polarization that is tearing our country apart is being driven by the extremes. The Undivided Center does not believe that the way to counter it is to develop a third extreme nor to try and unite the anti-establishment elements of both the left and the right. The Undivided Center believes that there is a vast segment of America that is opposed to governmental overreach but does not believe that the destruction of our current constitutional system or that the political division of our nation is the solution.

The Undivided Center believes that the only path forward is to solidify a center block large enough to politically ignore the extremes of both the left and the right. We believe the way to do this is not to focus on ultimate goals but on the realities of the world as it exists today and to work to remove those governmental actions that 80% of Americans agree are an overreach, but which remain in effect because they benefit specific special interests.


To this end the Undivided Center’s founder, Joe Hauptmann is currently running for the position of national vice-chair of the national Libertarian Party. His campaign will be the main focus of this page through the Libertarian Party National Convention May 26-29, 2022.

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