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Undivided Center’s founder, Joe Hauptmann is currently running for the position of national vice chair of national Libertarian Party. His campaign will be the main focus of this page through the Libertarian Party National Convention May 26-29, 2022.

What I Have Done

1973 Cofounded the Libertarian Alternative at Michigan State University

1979-1980 Indiana Coordinator of the Ed Clark Petition Drive

1979-1980 Libertarian Party of Indiana State Chair

1993-94 Regional Representative on the LP National Committee

1994 Campaign Manager for Steve Dillon for Indiana Secretary of State(obtained ballot access)

1998-2000 Libertarian Party of Indiana State Chair
1998 Congressional Candidate

2000 Congressional Candidate

2004 Superintendent of Public Instruction Candidate

2005 Libertarian Party of Indiana established the Joe Hauptmann Campaign Leadership Award 

2010 State Representative Candidate

2010 Appointed to the Libertarian National Platform Committee

2012 Appointed to the Libertarian National Platform Committee.

2012 Indiana Co-coordinator & Campus Coordinator for the Gary Johnson Campaign 

2012 Campaign volunteer for the Rupert for Governor Campaign

2016 Indiana Director of the Johnson/Weld campaign

2015-2017 State Chair of the Libertarian Party of Indiana

2018 candidate for LNC vice-chair came in second

2020 National Field Director for the Jorgensen/Cohen Campaign

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