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Steve Dasbach

Campaign Manager for Jorgensen/Cohen

Joe is one of the most committed, experienced activists in the Libertarian Party. Campus Organizer ... County Chair ... State Chair ... Candidate ... Presidential Campaign Staff ... LNC Member ... he's done it all, and done it well. He has repeatedly demonstrated his commitment to building a broad-based, inclusive party and his ability to work with everyone. I can think of no one better suited to serve as the Libertarian Party's Vice Chair in turbulent times.

Heide Alejandro-Smith

I'm endorsing Joe like I did in 2018 because I know he has the experience and balance to give libertarians real support on the national level

James Sceniak

Joe Hauptmann is my clear choice for Vice Chair of the Libertarian Party. In Indiana we pride ourselves as the best run affiliate in the Libertarian Party. Essential to our success was leadership like Mr. Hauptmann's that laid a foundation of principles that focus on an undivided center.

As a three-time chair, he has been a proven leader and his skill set is absolutely essential to have on the National level. He will unite the party and give us a clear direction that allows us to have focus and success in developing candidates across the US. 

Most importantly, on an individual level, Mr. Hauptmann has become a friend in Liberty. I have sought his guidance on many occasions. I continue to value his input as I run for U.S. Senate in Indiana. He is focused on uniting the Libertarian Party and I believe he can help us achieve that goal. 

He is absolutely the right choice for the Libertarian party as Vice Chair and I proudly endorse him as the leader that the the National party needs.

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- Joe

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