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My Role As Vice Chair

The role of the Vice Chair is to assist the chair in implementing the policies decided upon by the Libertarian National Committee (LNC). The policies that I am advocating for fall broadly into two categories: proposals, and presentation.

The proposals I am advocating are to train and assist our candidates and spokespersons to focus on those issues of government overreach that unite most Americans and not on issues designed to accelerate the left/right division in our country. The Libertarian Party should focus on issues such as opposing policing as a revenue source.

The presentation style I advocate is aimed at appealing to at least a plurality of voters and not just our current base. We should not focus on owning the libs because Trump has developed an entire base far larger and better funded that is dedicated to that goal. On the other hand, the progressives and mainstream media are much better equipped to take on the “deplorables”. Our edge lords view themselves as a fierce wolfs, shredding their enemies, but outside of our echo chambers they look like a pack of yipping chihuahuas.

A vast segment of America is disturbed by the polarization of our country and aligning exclusively with either side or offering a 3rd angry sounding faction will not advance the cause of freedom. I advocate the position of an undivided center, proclaiming that the government is systematically overreaching the authority that it has been granted by the people. Neither the left nor the right are interested in changing this, only exploiting it. Our country needs us, and we must be able to answer this call.

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